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22 May 2016


This weekend we met Phumlani Dlongwana. Phumlani wants to change the world! He’s a partner at Waste to Food in Philippi, a township in Cape Town. Waste to Food recycles food waste using earthworms, into high quality organic compost products. Phumlani is a shining light for recycling, sustainability, and conserving the environment. A symbol of the spirit and potential of South Africa, he’s a true changemaker.



Phumlani showed us their specially designed earthworm hammocks which are used to convert food waste from supermarkets and hotels into nutrient-rich organic compost. They grow vegetables using the vermi-tea that the worms produce.




And they have big plans for expansion, job creation, and changing the way small farmers around the country think.  



We love what they call the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ – where social, ecological and economic gains are all equally important in their business.


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